Kessil Tuna Flora H80
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Kessil Tuna Flora H80


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Dimensions: Outer diameter=4.88″ height=0.98″. Power supply: 100-240v ac (input) 24v dc (output). Power consumption: 15w.

Bestel nu extra voordelig de Kessil H80 + Gooseneck extra voordelig als set.


Kessil Tuna Flora h80 – wieren led lamp

The kessil tuna flora h80 led light is the newest kessil offering for refugium and planted filters. It’s compatible with the kessil spectral controller. Coverage is 14″ to 24″ depending on the
scenario. For the kessil h80 tuna flora, there is an optional gooseneck with a shorter ‘neck’ to accommodate the smaller light and smaller tanks.


The h80 tuna flora features four efficient spectrums – blue, grow, bloom, red – in one single

Fixture: The light is perfectly blended, with wavelengths including true uvand infrared

(Ranging from 360-780 nm), enhancing photosynthetic efficiency

Coverage is 14″ to 24″ depending on the scenario

Dimensions: Outer diameter=4.88″ height=0.98″

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H80 Tuna Flora, Kessil Gooseneck, H80 Tuna Flora incl. Gooseneck